Even though you probably do dishes and wipe the countertops in your kitchen every day, it’s easy to forget that your cabinets need some TLC, too. Clean, attractive cabinets can make your kitchen a welcoming, beautiful space to enjoy. Whether your kitchen cabinets are new or gently used, regular cleaning and maintenance can help keep them looking their best. The New Jersey cabinetry professionals at Jaeger Lumber share some tips on how to clean kitchen cabinets and keep them looking like new.

Don’t Use Harsh Cleaners

The easiest and safest way to clean kitchen cabinets is with a soft cloth dampened with water and mild soap. Save abrasive cleaners or those with ammonia, bleach, or other harsh ingredients for the sink and the bathtub – using them on cabinets will destroy the finish. A ratio of one part soap and two parts hot water should do the trick. If you need to cut through grease, fingerprints, or sticky messes, a solution of two parts water to one part white vinegar should take them right off. Always use a damp cloth to rinse off your cleaning solution, then dry with a separate cloth or paper towel.

Wipe Your Cabinets Down Every Day or Two

Grease, grime, fingerprints, and food splatters can accumulate on your cabinets a lot faster than you think. Cleaning them frequently can definitely save you more work down the road and keep them looking sparkling and fresh. Taking the time to wipe them down with a damp cloth every few days can also prevent them from becoming damaged by stuck- or baked-on messes. If you’re cooking or doing something else in the kitchen and notice a splatter, wipe it off right away. Make sure to clean knobs and handles, and don’t forget to clean glass insets with a glass cleaner or vinegar solution.

Protect Your Cabinets From Moisture

Whether you have natural wood cabinets or laminate, avoid soaking them with water. Instead, use a damp cloth and wipe them down with a dry towel after to get rid of extra moisture. If you’re cooking and notice that steam has left condensation on your cabinets, wipe it off right away. Letting water or moisture sit on the surface of your cabinets can cause them to bubble, crack, and deteriorate over time.

Deep Clean Cabinets Twice a Year

Your spring and fall deep cleaning routines should include a thorough wipe-down of your cabinets on the inside, outside, top, and underneath. Hot water and vinegar or mild soap should work fine, however, you can also use a bit of baking soda for stubborn stuck-on messes. If your cabinets have any deep grooves, handles, or trim that need cleaning, dip a toothbrush into the solution and gently scrub any hard-to-reach spots. Make sure to rinse and dry thoroughly.

Make Your Cabinets Shine

Another thing you can do periodically to keep your cabinets looking new is to apply olive oil or wood oil, or furniture wax to restore a healthy glow. Simply put some of the oil on a dry, soft rag, and rub it in. This creates a barrier that can protect cabinets from steam, oil, and dirt that can permeate and cause permanent damage over time. Make sure to check manufacturer instructions before applying any commercial waxes or oils.

Remove Scuffs and Fill in Nicks and Scratches

These super easy fixes can remove scuffs and make scratches disappear into the woodwork. For scuffs caused by shoes or other things that bump into lower cabinets, take an eraser and gently rub it on the mark, then wipe residue away with a cloth. This is especially useful for white cabinets.

To keep wood cabinets looking new, buy a matching wood stain touch-up marker and apply it to any scratches, dings, or nicks. Touch-up markers are small but mighty tools that can be found at any home improvement or art supply store.

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