Premier Installation Services

Jaeger Home Concepts is a division of Jaeger Lumber based out of our Union, New Jersey location. JHC is the installation division who will work with the homeowner, architect, builder/remodeler to measure, verify, install, and warranty the installation of a variety of products. These include: kitchens, custom cabinetry for any room, millwork, windows and doors.

Stop by any of our store locations or e-mail Bruce DeCesare at or call (800) 896-6714 for more information.

Measuring for Window Inserts

Ready to come in and begin the process with us? Great, glad to be working with you. Before you do come in though, it is a good idea to have the sizes of your windows (it doesn’t need to be perfect, just close enough to give a quick estimate). We’ll send one of our pros out when the time comes to order to get the exact number. It is fairly easy to measure for insert windows.

Step 1 – Measure the width of the unit as shown above labeled A.

Step 2 – Measure the height of the unit as shown above labeled B.

Step 3 – Count the light cuts (the grills, mullions, etc).

That’s it. See that was easy. Now just give a call to (908) 636‐2026 and schedule an appointment with one of or professionals to discuss options such as what type of window would work best for your home — and most importantly — your budget.


For Full Window Replacements

For full window replacements, add 2 inches to your measurement from step 1, then add 3 inches to your measurement from step 2.

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